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On this page we regularly inform you about new courses of children and adults learning German or English, about current offers of optional activities and moreover about everything worth to know around our school.

All our students passed the Eiken test 英検  in January 2018
New price: Our Reader (German- Japanese) for German beginners is available for only 16 € from now on! Reader
Calendar from April 2019 to March 2020: Please click here to look up our regular lesson days , public holidays and school holidays which all can be used to arrange lessons or optional activities
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For consultation about all options of lessons, placement tests and trial lessons for free:
Please call our school mobile: 0176-20047828
also for infomation and registration.  
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New group lessons for children and adults (German or English) starting from 11th of April 2018: 

Children’s group lessons in German or English on all levels (from 3 years to 9th grade) Contact

Adult’s beginners’ group lessons in German or English at any time Contact

Adult’s group lesson fees’ examples (60 minutes):

4 members pay 84 € each member pays 21 € x 4 times per month = 84 €

3 members pay 72 € each member pays 24 € x 4 times per month = 96 € - see the complete arrangement: Lesson fees

Different lesson terms are possible: Lesson fees

Children’s lessons are cheaper: Lesson fees

Mother and child groups can be started any time Contact

From now on you can choose to start your German lesson in two ways:
- The normal class is for repeaters or advanced beginners (text: "Schritte plus 1")
- The smooth way is for real beginners for your communication in the eyery-day-life in Germany (text: "Erste Schritte plus Vorkurs")

Our school now offers a babysitter service during your lesson or to get free for shopping or other purposes.So, everybody is welcome to use it. To arrange the service and to get informed about the price, please contact us Contact

Your English lesson can be helped by our teachers who can also explain everything in Japanese      Contact

We provide preparations for TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication), an English exam from the lower intermediate level up to an advanced level for working people who'd like to check their level of skill in international communication and to find out their need of improvement Contact
Current groups that are open for new members:

German lesson for Children:
1st grade (Tamtam/ Vorkurs) on Mondays 15:00, 1-2 places available
3rd grade  (Fabuli) on Fridays 16:15, 1-2 places available

5th grade (Wir 1) on Fridays 17:15, 2-3 places available


German lesson for adults:

Beginners┤ group lesson on Wednesdays 10:00, 1 place available
- Our school offers a babysitter service during your lesson!

B2 group lesson on Wednesdays 11:15, 3 places available

Preparing for 独検 all levels Contact

English lesson for adults:

A2 group lesson on Thursdays 12:00, 3 places available

English lesson for children: 

Kindergarden 3 Nencho (Happy House 1) on Fridays 15:00, 2 places available
1st grade (Happy House 2) on Thursdays 15:00, 1-2 places available
1st-2nd grade  (Happy Street 1) on Mondays 16:00, 1 place available
2nd grade  (Happy House 2) on Tuesdays 15:15, 2 places available
2nd grade  (Happy House 2) on Mondays 16:15, 1 place available
2nd grade  (Happy Street 1) on Tuesdays 16:15, 1 place available
3rd grade  (Happy Street 1) on Wednesdays 16:15, 1 place available
4th grade  (Happy Street 1) on Wednesdays 17:15, 1 place available
5th grade (Happy Street 1) on Tuesdays 17:15, 2-3 places available
6th grade  (Happy Street 1) on Wednesdays 17:00, 1-2 places available
6th grade  (Happy Street 2) on Mondays 17:15, 2 places available
8th grade (Happy Street 2) on Tuesdays 16:15, 1-2 places available
                                            Preparing for 英検 all levels Contact

Free places available on several levels!

Please ask for them: Contact
More news coming up soon!